Different Types Of Wildlife Photography

Capturing wildlife is one of the best ways to exhibit animals in their natural environment. The photography is of many types and different kinds of photography capture different behavior of the subject and convey its action. When going for wildlife photography, the type of lens plays a major role. It is also important to select the perfect location and season for getting the best shots.

Given below are some modes of wildlife photography.

  • Environmental portraits – these portraits show the subject in its surroundings. This kind of photography is like storytelling art. It shows the habitat for your subject and also describes information about its life. In the beginning, most of the wildlife photographers in UK capture photos in environmental portraits.
  • Full-body coverage portrait – It focuses on detailing the shape, size, color, and other physical appearance of the animal. For example – if you want to capture a Harbor seal, you will have to draw the attention of viewers on the flipper’s shape and size and the sausage shape of the body. While making this portrait, you have to use a shallow depth of field.
  • Frame or face-filling portraits – This type of photography focuses only on the face of the subject. It gives you a feeling of soul-to-soul connection with the subject. Like when capturing the harbor seal, you can focus on its fur, whisker’s length, closer view of the mouth, and its deep black eyes. In the habituated wildlife, use short lenses for frame-filling portraits.
  • Gesture portraits – A simple and sweet gesture adds life to your subject. It conveys curiosity and viewers will stop to look at the photo.